5th Canadian Virtual Wing

Who we are ?

We are friends, virtually and in real life, we've formed a Virtual Wing, around the DCS A-10C flight simulator.
We are flying in a cooperative manner and not competitive.
Most of us are from the province of Quebec, Canada. But we do have members across the country.

Our members are comprised of real and virtual pilots, active and retired military and more... but above all, military aviation enthusiasts.
Our virtual activities are 1 to 2 times a week, counting a mandatory day and an optional day.
We seek a high level of realism in our flights. From radio communications, tactics and combat maneuvers.
But!!! We keep in mind to have fun!

Our origins date back to the late 90's, early 2K, with Falcon 4 where we made our debut on simulators. We were part of many diverse organizations.
However, they didn’t share our same goals and values and took things too seriously. That is why we decided to fly on our own. First, on Flaming Cliffs LOMAC for formation flying.
Eventually, DCS Black Shark and Lock-On Flaming Cliffs2 and today we use the DCS World as our primary simulator.
We also use other DCS modules to add more realism to our missions, but A-10C is our primary aircraft.

Our group objectives are:
- Keep learning and perfecting our knowledge of flight;
- Learn to master the Fairchild Republic A-10C Thunderbolt II DCS;
- Encourage camaraderie and teamwork amongst members.
- Have a high tactical level of realism, closely imitating what is done in real world;
- Participating in various DCS community activities via other virtual squadrons.

The 5th Virtual Wing is an organization with members that have many years of online flying experience on a myriad of simulators.
We are a democratic and amical group, whose primary focus is to maintain fun and friendship.
We speak French and English, our Ops are mainly in english and our radio communications are bilingual depending on the pilots.

"Working Together"