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SAT 29 DEC 2018 1800Z OP URGENT FURY MSN 04 - Large event
I want to invite 5e EVC and other external organizations to attend in a special version of Mission 04 in Operation Urgent Fury.
OP URGENT FURY is an operation taking place in the Persian Gulf in order to prevent  Iran to seize control of the SoH.

Here is an example from the first run of MSN 04, perspecitve of one pilot as part of a packge going into a strike at LAR:

This mission is intended as a large event with the mission going from 1800Z-2300Z (server running from 1700Z). Intention is to break up the taskings/mission into 3 periods / VUL's, so  a pilot can fly in period 1, and support as AWACS / ATC / JTAC in next mission, or fly all 3 periods if desirable.

Period 1: 1830Z-1930Z
Period 2: 1930Z-2030Z
Period 3: 2130Z-2230Z

The taskings will reflect the signup and pilots/controllers availeble. Flights can be added if necessary based on the signup

Below are current information about mission 4. Updated briefing, taskings and assignments to flights will be completed no later than 27th of December 0700Z. This will give pilots and controllers 27th and 28th free to plan and prepare for the mission.
On the 28th and on the day on the event the server will run the mission (without any triggers or red activity) but with tankers, AWACS, etc so that everyone can log into the server and verify the setup , lotatc, UR, skins, mods etc in order to avoid any last minute technial issues.

Please specify in the event chat what period you prefer if you have a specific preference. Also specify in the event commschatter if you are availeble for other periods and if you are availble for controller position in any period.

I hope to be able to create this event as a fluid battlefield scenario with aircrafts arriving and leaving from the various airfields in use throughout the event.

For details regarding the event, please see the event info on the 132nd Virtual Wing website:

Radio mod:
The event will be run with UniversRadio.
UniversRadio is now on sale, with a price of 2,99€ and can be purchased from Tacno's website:
For questions or comments regarding  UniversRadio, please join UR's Discordchannel:

As a guide for members and external organizations participatin on events , we have created multiplayer instructions, which hopefully answer most questions, the guide is availeble here:
132nd Multiplayer instructions

If you have any questions, please let me know and I should be able to help with them.
If you need help with creating a user on the 132nd Website to see the event details, please PM me your preferred username and emailadress and I will create a user for you.

132nd Virtual Wing discord channel:
[Image: 3wsbgHl.png]
interessted in A-10C

Seek and Brrrraap
(2018-Dec-18, 08:58)Raab 5EVC Wrote: interessted in A-10C

Great! Please sign up on the website (and hopefully with a wingman from the 5e EVC aswell)
[Image: 3wsbgHl.png]
I would really like to attend but I was an single A-10c

Seek and Brrrraap

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