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What is a CIWS?
Hi all my name is Sean.

The Close in Weapons System (CIWS) is the last line of defense for our Canadian warships. It lives on top of the hanger, where, it spits 20mm at 4,000 rounds per minute from a m61 Vulcan.  As a Weapons Tech in our Navy I became very good friends with the CIWS, so much so that I have taken the name for myself including my email, which is amplified by the hull number of HMCS Halifax (CIWS330).
I served 30 years and retired a CPO2 in 2015.  I was put on the 1 year french course and made it 6 months in the sandbox class.... I understand very little french and speak less.  I wish I was smart enough to speak two languages but I am not.  I have baggage from my service, both mental and physical as do many many others.  I am 53 and married, I have two girls 27 and 30, the oldest is married, the youngest just broke up with her boyfriend of 8 years and moved back in the other week.... no, you can not get her number.  LOL
I Live in a house south of HFX, love to Kayak in the waves during the summer, spend more time upside down than upside right. I shoot bow five days a week, its a thing, I do woodworking, paint by numbers and model building.  I also fly a FPV racing drone (110km/h, 1 meter off the ground, what a rush). I ride a Honda Fury and do other stuff too.

I have started the Ground school and would expect to pass your IQT to move onto the MQT that I do not know.

I like to fly, want to learn, am retired so.... anytime you want a wing man, I am there.

Welcome !!

Seek and Brrrraap
Welcome aboard!
welcome from Yarmouth NS
Welcome and thank you for your service, Sir!


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