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[132nd] Advanced training: Sunday 8th October at 1800Z - EXERCISE GREEN SWORD 17-1
I want to invite the 5e EVC to attend EXERCISE GREEN SWORD 17-1, an exercise hosted by the 132nd Virtual Wing. This is mission 1 of 4 in the exercise.
For details, taskings and signups, please visit the 132nd Virtual Wing website:
(If anyone have problems with access or login to the website, please let me know, and I can assist).

We are open for external participation, and encourage pilots and controllers in all roles: Air-to-ground, Air-to-Air, ATC, AWACS, JTAC or RW transport helicopters.  We are open for both aggressors and BLUE forces (BLUE=Primary trainin audience).

See below for general situation:
General situation:
The year is 2017, and due to recent tensions in the world, and Russia wanting a bigger role in the world, they have started showing more military muscle. As a part of this, Russia have conducted a large military exercise on the borders to Georgia.

Georgian authorities have invited NATO and allied nations to GEORGIA in order to participate in EXERCISE GEORGIAN HOPE 17, which is a large-scale military exercise for the defence of Georgia. EX GEORGIAN HOPE will take place over large parts of GEORGIA. The maritime exercise will take place WEST of the coast. The majority of the land part of the exercise will take place on the Western Coast of Georgia, where defence of Georgia is beeing rehearsed. A smaller land part of the exercise will take place in vicinity of Tblisi.

For the SOF and the air part of the exercise, it will support operations all around Georgia.

Air situation:
The air exercise is called GREEN SWORD17. The majority of the air operations will fly out from Tblisi area. EX GREEN SWORD 17 will primarily use the military training airspaces MOA SOUTH and NORTH and the following ranges: Kutaisi, Tkibuli, Dusheti, Tianeti. In addition some mission might be tasked to support other parts of the overall EX GEORGIAN HOPE.

The 617th Virtual Fighter Squadron are using EX GREEN SWORD to conduct their Fighter Weapon Instructor Training, and FWIT 17-1 runs as a part of EX GREEN SWORD (Additional details about FWIT 17-1 in section 4).

EXERCISE GREEN SWORD is a dynamic and flexible exercise, and flights must be prepared to handle retasking, and changes of missions on short notice.

EXERCISE GREEN SWORD Scenario: (Situation at outbreak of event 1)
There have been tensions betweem REDLAND and BLUELAND the last year, a conflict over important natural resources. REDLAND have the last weeks been building up forces on the border of BLUELAND. REDFOR (REDLAND Forces) have been conducting high intensity warfare exercises, and BLUELAND is assessing that REDLAND is preparing an invasion of BLUELAND territory.

REDFOR have their stronghold around bases at KUTAISI airfield, and TKIBULI area.

BLUELAND have decided to initiate the conflict with a pre-emptive strike in order to surprise REDFOR. Air assets will be tasked with striking vital parts of C2 structure of REDFOR to reduce their ability for commando and control.
[Image: 3wsbgHl.png]
Buys mission, 32 participants.

[Image: SSCQ6S.png]
[Image: 3wsbgHl.png]

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